Home Ownership Partners

MassHousing works with lenders, real estate professionals, community-based organizations and others to promote responsible and sustainable homeownership throughout Massachusetts.


If your institution is not approved to offer MassHousing products, you're missing a great opportunity:

  • Approved lenders earn fee income through the origination and sale of MassHousing loans
  • Lenders who are so governed earn CRA credits for their efforts
  • Easy, paperless loan submission through our lender extranet, eMassHousing
  • Affordable first and second mortgage products appeal to a range of borrowers
  • A special mortgage insurance product, MI Plus

For more information or to become a MassHousing lender, view our lender requirements. Or, contact our Business Development Team.

Real Estate Professionals

MassHousing’s simple and straightforward loans are an excellent choice for your customers:

  • Low down payment requirements; down payment assistance available to qualifying borrowers
  • Affordable interest rates, fixed for the life of the loan
  • Income and loan limits are higher than you might think
  • Combine Purchase and Renovation financing in one easy-to-manage loan

Events and Information

Looking for more information, marketing materials or other resources about MassHousing? Interested in having a MassHousing representative at a homebuyer event? Contact our Business Development Team.

Community Organizations and Non-Profits

MassHousing is in the business of building communities. Whether you want to host an educational event or just point someone in the right direction, let us help. To learn more and to discuss potential events and ways to partner, contact our Business Development Team.

Our 50% Home Ownership Lending Goal

Over the next five years, MassHousing will build up the percentage of home mortgage loans made to Persons of Color to 50%.

To reach this ambitious goal, we need your help!