DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program

MassHousing's DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program supports the Commonwealth's Olmstead Planning Efforts to help people with disabilities live in the least restrictive setting possible. Through this supportive housing program, MassHousing is providing people with disabilities priority access to community-based housing coupled with the services needed for them to be successful members of the community.

Through the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program, property owners of most MassHousing-financed developments are required to set aside 3% of all low- and moderate-income units for referrals from the Departments of Mental Health (DMH) and Developmental Services (DDS).

Program Information

  • The MassHousing DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program is a closed referral program. When notified of an available unit, DMH/DDS staff refer applicants to the management company.
  • The management company conducts applicant screening.
  • DMH/DDS offer support services to maintain successful tenancies and are available to the management company to help address any concerns.
  • In cases of unsuccessful tenancies, DMH/DDS will assist with alternative housing search.

For details on how the program works, view the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program: Frequently Asked Questions.

MassHousing's Asset Management Department reviews a development's participation in the program as part of the Property Management Review. As with any MassHousing requirement, participation can affect the overall outcome of the AMR.

Quick Start Guide for Property Managers

If you are new to the MassHousing DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program and wish to learn how your development begins to participate, please view the DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program: Frequently Asked Questions. Then contact the Set-Aside Program Coordinator who can provide the required number of units and other details. 

If you need referrals from DMH & DDS for an upcoming vacancy:

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your development's page
  3. List the available unit details
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Quick Start Guide for DMH/DDS Staff

If you are new to the MassHousing DMH/DDS Set-Aside Program and want to refer a client for a Set-Aside Unit, contact the DMH or DDS Regional Housing Coordinator for your area as all referrals are processed through them.

If you are looking for general program information, contact the MassHousing Set-Aside Program Coordinator for details.

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