Fire Sprinkler System Program (FSSP)

One-time grants to MASH-Certified Sober Homes

The Fire Sprinkler System Program (FSSP) is designed to support and protect sober housing in Massachusetts by providing one-time grants to Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing (MASH)-Certified Sober Homes for the installation of sprinkler systems.

FSSP grants (up to $80,000 per Sober Home) will provide the funding necessary to bring Sober Homes into compliance with MGL c. 148 s. 26H, as this new fire safety code is adopted by local cities and towns in Massachusetts.

MassHousing is offering a total of $3.8 million in FSSP funds on a rolling application basis to

  • Priority 1: MASH-Certified Sober Homes that are certified for six or more beds and at immediate risk of closing pursuant to local adoption of MGL c. 148, s. 26H;
  • Priority 2: Formerly MASH-Certified Sober Homes that have voluntarily de-certified due to local adoption of MGL c. 148 s. 26H;
  • Priority 3: MASH-Certified Sober Homes that are certified for fewer than six beds; Certified Sober Homes with six or more beds where the municipality has not yet adopted MGL c. 148 s. 26H; or homes requiring upgrades to existing fire sprinkler systems.

MassHousing is administering the Fire Sprinkler System Program in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC).

How to Apply for the FSSP

  1. Submit a Letter of Interest to MassHousing and MASH.
  2. Once approved by MassHousing and MASH to apply, submit application and attachments to MassHousing.