Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Listed below are all open Requests for Proposals from MassHousing, along with any appropriate supporting documents.

Request for Proposals: Inclusionary Marketing Consultant

MassHousing is seeking to contract with a marketing/public relations/communications advisor to help build awareness of the Agency as a socially conscious provider of affordable home mortgage loans, particularly to Black homebuyers and other Persons of Color in Massachusetts. For more information, view the full RFP below.

Request for Proposals: Center for Community Recovery Innovations

The Center for Community Recovery Innovations, Inc. (CCRI), a nonprofit subsidiary corporation of MassHousing, is seeking proposals for one-time gap funding for projects that increase or improve the stock of affordable sober housing in Massachusetts or provide related supportive programs. For more information, view the full RFP below.

Request for Qualifications: Training and Instructional Services

MassHousing is seeking to re-establish a list of qualified individuals committed to providing professional services to the Agency's Community Services Department. For more information, please see the full RFQ below.