MassDREAMS Success Stories

MassDREAMS™ (Delivering Real Equity and Mortgage Stability) was designed to address the racial homeownership gap, and to boost Massachusetts communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19. The impact has exceeded the program's high expectations. MassHousing paired MassDREAMS grants with its affordable home mortgage loans to help hundreds of low- and moderate-income first-time home buyers – many of whom are people of color – purchase a home in Massachusetts. Here are some of their stories.

MassDREAMS is not currently accepting new applications, as the program has nearly committed all funds. To learn more about other programs for Massachusetts homebuyers, visit

Abelardo C. | Haverhill

Despite working to build his savings and improve his credit, Abelardo thought he was still months away from being able to buy a home. He and his family had been renting in Haverhill, and wanted to put down roots there. Thanks to a MassDREAMS grant and an affordable mortgage loan from MassHousing, Abelardo and his family were able to achieve their dream of homeownership sooner than expected, and remain in the community they loved.

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Alvance C. | Lowell

While renting in Boston, Alvance had prepared to buy a home by completing a homebuyer education class. MassDREAMS came along at just the right time and allowed him to purchase a home sooner than he had anticipated.

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Arlyce Porcher Joseph | Brockton

Arlyce Porcher Joseph and her family had attended countless open houses and were outbid three times. They had been renting in Boston and were looking at properties in a number of towns, but they remained determined to become homeowners. An affordable mortgage and a MassDREAMS grant from MassHousing were the final pieces to the homebuying puzzle for Arlyce and her family, who found their forever home in Brockton.

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Ashley and Felipe | Salem

Congratulations to Ashley and Felipe, who purchased a condominium in Salem using an affordable mortgage loan and MassDREAMS grant from MassHousing. The couple worked with Andres Benitez at Guaranteed Rate, one of MassHousing's top lending partners. "This program helped our dreams of owning a home come true," said Felipe. "We couldn’t be happier."

The Báez Family | East Boston

The Báez Family had been working toward their goal of homeownership for seven years. An affordable mortgage and MassDREAMS grant from MassHousing helped them purchase a condominium in East Boston, where they had rented for many years and established close connections to the community.

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Blakley and Branden | Webster

Blakley and Branden had steady jobs and good credit, but they were having trouble saving for a down payment on a home. Thanks to a MassDREAMS grant and an affordable mortgage from MassHousing, as well as a committed loan officer and Realtor, the couple are happily settled into their new home.

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Jean J. | Fitchburg

Jean and his wife began their homebuying journey in the summer of 2021 by completing a MassHousing-approved homebuyer education course and a course for landlords, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage. The couple spent the next year looking at properties and going to open houses, only to have multiple offers declined in a competitive real estate market. A MassDREAMS grant and affordable mortgage from MassHousing proved to be a game-changer.

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Loren and Maxine M. | Methuen

Loren and Maxine knew they could afford a monthly mortgage payment, but saving for a down payment on a home remained a stumbling block. A MassDREAMS grant, paired with an affordable mortgage and down payment assistance from MassHousing, helped them overcome that obstacle and purchase a home in Methuen.

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Lori L. | New Bedford

Lori wanted a home with more space for her and her three grandchildren. A MassDREAMS grant and affordable mortgage loan from MassHousing, along with grants from the City of New Bedford and Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, put Lori's dream of owning a home within reach.

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Luis L. | Stoneham

Luis L. and his family recently purchased their first home with the help of an affordable mortgage loan and MassDREAMS grant from MassHousing through partner lender New Fed Mortgage. Said Luis, "Thanks to God and the MassDREAMS program, we were able to realize our family dream of owning a beautiful home."

Michelle W. | Holland

Michelle spent decades touring the world as a musician before deciding she wanted to achieve several goals she had postponed. With the help of a committed homebuying team and an affordable mortgage and MassDREAMS grant from MassHousing, she realized her goal of homeownership.

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