Submit Audited Financial Statements

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should submit an audit?


Generally, a development that has received financing from MassHousing and has a full year of operation must submit an audit via the WebFACTS system. The audit is due by March 31, or 90 days after the end of the development’s fiscal year.

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This is my first time submitting an audit. How do I obtain a User ID and a Password?

If this is the first time your firm is submitting an audit to MassHousing, please contact us at to request a user ID and a password. Please note the process may take several business days.

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I forgot my User ID and/or Password. How can I access or reset this information?

Please contact us at to request a password reset or to resolve any issues logging into WebFACTS.

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My fiscal year does not end on 12/31. How do I submit my audit?

Enter the audit with the previous fiscal year-end date. Then contact us at to give us your Project ID # and development name and let us know that we need to update the date. For example, an audit for the fiscal year ending 3/31/2020 should be entered as 3/31/2019.

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Can I save the audit numbers I input and finish them later?

Yes. You can input, save and change your numbers until you hit the “SUBMIT” button. Once you hit the “SUBMIT” button no further action is possible on your end.

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