Diversity & Inclusion
UHM Properties' Commitment to Community Remains Steadfast
August 19, 2020

UHM's Senior Leadership Team

UHM Properties is a minority-owned, full-service property management and development company based in Boston. Founded in 2003, UHM oversees more than 1,400 housing units, including seven developments in the MassHousing portfolio: Fort Hill/Esperanza Trust, Geneva Apartments, Hope Bay Apartments, Intervale-Magnolia/Boston Bay, New Port Antonio Apartments, Quincy Heights Apartments, Washington Heights.

Supporting the community is part of the company’s mission, and UHM operates The Neighborhood Network Center, a nonprofit that provides social services to residents and the surrounding community. UHM is recognized annually with a multi-million dollar achievement award from MassHousing for its sustained hiring of minority and women-owned businesses.

"UHM has been a consistently strong supporter of minority-owned subcontractors, having achieved multi-million spending levels with diverse businesses for more than five straight years," said Andrea Laing, MassHousing's Director of Diversity & Inclusion. "They have graciously and diligently demonstrated what inclusion is and have made it central to their organization's success."

Even in the most trying times, UHM Properties' commitment to community remains steadfast. Since March 2020, the company has intervened in the community spread of COVID-19 in its developments and the surrounding neighborhoods through targeted outreach activities. UHM’s resident services department and The Neighborhood Network Center have organized the distribution of more than 3,000 boxes of food. More than 200 health and wellness boxes, including masks, gloves, cleaners, and disinfectants have been provided to vulnerable seniors. UHM staff have logged more than 10,000 minutes in wellness check calls since April 2020. And UHM has strengthened partnerships with other agencies--including MassHousing’s Community Services Department--to fortify a comprehensive neighborhood response that seeks to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Boston’s Grove Hall Corridor.