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Webinar: Housing in the Gateway Cities
September 15, 2020
August 04, 2020

While housing prices have climbed to record highs in Greater Boston, the Commonwealth's Gateway Cities struggle with the challenges of weak real estate markets. Low rents and declining home values hinder the maintenance of an aging housing stock, while vacant and abandoned homes caught in a foreclosure limbo exert downward pressure on entire neighborhoods. While COVID-19's economic impacts continue to evolve, they are likely to exacerbate these existing challenges. The stability of Gateway Cities is central to generating more equitable growth, as these communities are home to immigrants and first-time homebuyers of color, whose families have historically faced discrimination in the state's housing markets.

This webinar will focus on the ongoing neighborhood stabilization challenges facing Gateway Cities, current initiatives to support neighborhood revitalization, and new State programs and funds available for stabilization efforts.

This forum is sponsored by the Neighborhood Hub, a multi-agency partnership that includes MassHousing, MassDevelopment, the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP), the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC), the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassInc), and the Commonwealth's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), in collaboration with the Attorney General's Office.


  • Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral – Gateway City Caucus Co-Chair
  • Marc Dohan – NewVue Communities
  • Chrystal Kornegay – MassHousing
  • Senator Eric Lesser – Gateway City Caucus Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Maddox – Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Alan Mallach – Center for Community Progress


  • Lauren Liss – MassDevelopment, Moderator
  • Robert DeMusis – City of Springfield
  • Marc Dohan – New Vue
  • Emily Hall – Brockton Redevelopment Authority
  • Michael Moriarty – OneHolyoke
  • Mayor Daniel Rivera – City of Lawrence

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Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Cost: Free