Mortgage Application Checklist
April 26, 2019

To expedite the processing of a mortgage application, borrowers should provide the following information:

  • Accepted Offer to Purchase Real Estate and a Purchase and Sale Agreement, both signed by all parties. Copies of canceled checks (front and back) used for the downpayment listed on the Purchase and Sale agreement will be required prior to closing. 
  • Names and addresses of all employers for the previous two years. 
  • Annual Gross Salary (overtime and bonuses listed separately), copies of W-2 forms from previous two years, and four most recent pay stubs. 
  • If self-employed, copies of your federal income tax returns with all schedules for the previous two years. If employed by your own corporation or partnership, copies of its returns for the previous two years, and a year-to-date profit and loss statement prepared by your accountant (sole proprietorships included). 
  • If relying on Social Security, disability or pension income, bring a copy of the three most recent stubs or three bank statements if directly deposited, as well as the Award Certificate from the issuing agent. 
  • Names and addresses of banks, credit unions, and depositors in which you have deposit accounts. List account numbers and balances in each account. Include copies of the last three monthly statements for each account. 
  • List of all stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and other securities, showing current market value. Include copies of last three monthly and/or quarterly statements, account numbers, etc. 
  • Address, current market value, original loan amount and current balance on any real estate owned, with bank name, address and account number for each mortgage. 
  • Copies of leases or rental agreements for any rental property owned. 
  • Complete list of all outstanding installment debt, including auto loans, student loans, and personal loans. Supply creditor name, address, account number, current balance and monthly payment. 
  • Complete list of all outstanding credit card debt including account numbers, balances and minimum payments. 
  • Verification of monthly rental payment. Copies of canceled checks (front and back) from previous 12 months. 
  • If receiving or obligated to pay alimony, child support and/or separate maintenance, provide a copy of your court-ordered divorce decree and separation agreement. Include canceled checks from previous 12 months to verify the receipt or payment of these funds. 
  • Copy of front and back of Resident Alien Registration Card, if applicable. 
  • If purchasing a condo, a complete set of condo documents, including a master deed, budget, bylaws and a project insurance certificate or condominium spot affidavit.