Affordability Q&A
January 01, 0001

What part does budgeting play in the picture?

The added responsibilities of homeownership increase the importance on budgeting. By estimating the expenses of homeownership and knowing how you spend your money now, you can forecast your overall financial obligations as a homeowner. Doing so will help you focus on homes you can afford.

Before you begin looking at homes, keep a budget. A good view of your income and obligations will lessen any financial surprises as a homeowner.

What are some of the up-front costs of buying a home?

There's more to buying a home than just closing a loan. Consider these costs that you’ll need to address prior to or soon after moving in:

  • Downpayment
  • Closing costs
  • Moving costs
  • Furniture
  • New appliances
  • Immediate and necessary repairs
  • Increased utility charges


Inclusions are items to be included in the sale of a home. Don't assume that items are part of the sale unless their inclusion is specifically stated in writing.

Common inclusions are carpeting, garage door openers, window treatments, window/door screens and storms, awnings, shutters, heating equipment, appliances (oven, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.), hot water heaters, plumbing and bathroom fixtures, garbage disposals, lighting fixtures, mantels, outside television antennas and air conditioning equipment.

Remember, the seller can take appliances, ceiling fans, chandeliers, fixtures and other items, but they will need to be replaced. If you want something to remain in the house, you must include it in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Don't assume that something is included in the sale unless it's part of the sales agreement.